is run by Aske Bode and Caspar Hesselager. Since 2009 they have recorded, produced, mixed, mastered, as well as played on a lot of Danish indie-records from bands like Hymns from Nineveh, The Eclectic Moniker, Quick Quick Obey, Kill J, DisaAnnasaid, Farven Fornem, Battlekat, Kites & Komets, Striving Vines, Jetsi Kain and many others. Apart from working in the studio, they are both busy and experienced musicians and songwriters. Aske is a member of Bodebrixen and Waitress, and runs the label Antiphonics. Caspar plays keyboards for The Rumour Said Fire, and releases his own music under the name My Heart the Brave.


Phosphor Kid

All The Usual Strangers

Mixed Aske

The Oceans


Mastered Aske

Asger Techau


Engineered Caspar
Produced Caspar
Mixed Caspar
Mastered Caspar

Palace Winter


Engineered Caspar
Produced Caspar
Mixed Caspar
Mastered Caspar

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1 Track: 399DKK+VAT
5 Track EP: 1.800DKK+VAT
10 Track Album: 3.500DKK+VAT
Additional Vinyl Master: 500DKK+VAT

We need:

  • 24-bit stereo mixdown with no normalizing, no limiting and preferably no master bus compression.
  • A list of which formats you require (digital/cd/vinyl).
  • A Description of any edits you might require (fades, radio, etc.).
  • A final tracklist. For vinyl, remember to keep each side at a maximum of about 22 mins. of audio.
  • ISRC Codes (from your label or Gramex in Denmark).

Please check your mix thoroughly for any errors before sending it, and use a service like yousendit, wetransfer, or dropbox. Don’t use a shared folder, send us a direct download link to a .zip.



1 Track: 3.500DKK+VAT
5 Track EP: 16.000DKK+VAT
10 Track Album: 30.000DKK+VAT

We need:

  • 24-bit files. No dither or normalizing. Make sure all files share the same starting point when you export/bounce.
  • A bpm count.
  • Any specific thoughts regarding the direction of the mix, incl. effects like reverb, delay, overall sound. 
  • References to other tracks (if you have any). 
  • A rough mix (mp3) if possible. 

Please check your files thoroughly for any errors (pops, clicks, editing mistakes, clipping, etc.)


We also produce and track music. the prices on this site are meant as a standard guideline and can vary depending on track lenghts etc. – please contact us for an offer.

Feel free to contact us on mail: or use the contact form below.